Living Art uses the arts & nature to support healing.

We started 23 years ago by offering workshops for people dealing with cancer. Now, most of our workshops are open to people dealing with illness and loss including care givers, care providers and family members – that includes all of us at some point in our life.

Living Art of Montana ~ FY16 Year End Report (July 2015– June 2016)

Total Program Summary

Service, Education, & Outreach Workshops: People served FY16 = 499
Outreach Exhibits, Performances, & Publications: People served/engaged/impacted FY16 = 949

Service Workshops at the Living Art Studio: FY16 Total= 276 participants

• “Saturday Workshops” 22 workshops, offered 2 Saturdays each month except July, 10:30am – 12:30pm for anyone dealing with illness or loss including care givers, care providers & family members (18 yrs+). Coordinator: Odette Grassi. FY16 Total=197 participants.
• “Reflect 2015,” with Youpa Stein & Tracy Pohndorf, 1st annual workshop to reflect back on the old/reflect forward into the new for anyone dealing with illness or loss (Dec 22nd, 5:30-7:30 pm) FY16 Total: 9 participants
• Multi-Session Workshops (for anyone dealing with illness or loss, offered at least once quarterly) FY16 Total: 39 participants

o “My Own True Face” Mask Workshop with Youpa Stein (4 sessions started August 27th, 7 participants)
o “Day of the Dead Shrines” with Bev Glueckert & Tana Ostrowski (4 sessions started Oct.7th, 7 participants)
o “Word Collage” with Odette Grassi (4 sessions started Jan. 21st, 6 participants)
o “Drop-In Writing” with Youpa Stein, Maribeth Rothwell and Rose Simon (4 workshops started March 8th, 3 participants)
o “Lap Loom Weaving” with Bonnie Tarses (4 sessions started March 17th, 7 participants)
o “Glass Collage” with Tana Ostrowski (4 sessions started April 11th, 9 participants)

• “Cancer, Courage and Creativity” with Youpa Stein and Maribeth Rothwell, offered 2 times a year (spring & fall sessions) for 8 weeks for anyone who has or has had cancer. FY16 Total=7 participants
• “Wednesdays 4 Wellness” is offered the 4th Wednesday of each month from 12- 1:30pm for anyone who has or has had cancer (now open to anyone dealing with illness or loss). FY16 Total=24 participants.

Outreach Workshops FY16 Total= 223 participants

• Multi-Session Workshops offered at Community Cancer Care on the CMC campus, for anyone who has or has had cancer FY16 total=24 participants

o “Art After Lunch” 2D Mixed Media with Loretta Vizzutti (3 sessions started Oct 13th, 5 participants)
o “Relief! Basics of Printmaking” with Odette Grassi (3 sessions started Nov. 4th, 9 participants)
o “Learning to Let Go with Fluid Acrylics” with Nancy Seiler (3 sessions started Jan. 12th, 10 participants)

• Crane Folding at Living Art in support of Jeanette Rankin Peace Center’s project for the 40th anniversary of Hiroshima & Nagasaki(a display of cranes created by the community was installed outside of MAM) July 11th (10:30am-12:30pm) and July 22nd (noon-2pm) 9 participants

• Coloring Calendars activity at Community Medical Center’s Employee Wellness & Safety Fair Aug 25th (6 am-2:30 pm) with Youpa Stein, Tracy Pohndorf & Loretta Vizzutti 80 participants

• Presentation & “Found Word Poems” at Leadership Missoula Health & Human Services Day at St. Patrick Hospital, Dec 10th (12:20-1:05pm) with Tracy Pohndorf & Youpa Stein 50 participants

• “Send a Message” project at St. Patrick Hospital Heart Expo, Feb. 27th (7am-noon) with Tracy Pohndorf 60 participants

Outreach Exhibits, Performances and Publications: FY16 Total= 949 people served/impacted

• “Faces of Living Art: A 22 Year Mask Retrospective” exhibit at the Downtown Dance Collective, Oct & Nov with Oct. 2nd First Friday opening (200+ in attendance)
• Living Art Newsletter Fall 2015 (FY16 = 500+)
• Living Art of Montana Facebook page (FY16 = 807)


We are grateful beyond words for the following artists who donated their time, expertise, and often supplies, to help us with another successful year of programming.
Bev Glueckert, Emily Goodburn, Beth Jaffe, Lizzi Juda, Amy Kalil, Nancy Leifer, Tana Ostrowski, Krysta Peterson, Maribeth Rothwell, Nancy Seiler, Rose Simon, Karl Stein, Lulu Steinberg, Bonnie Tarses, Loretta Vizzutti and Linda Whittlesey