silkscreen collage and mono-print

11×14 inches

During last year’s “interesting” political events I made a series of screen printed, collaged
prayer flags. They were intended to bring people with differences of opinion together. Post election I was feeling frustrated. I feel as though our country is headed in the wrong direction, going backwards. I also feel that this is just a wrinkle in America’s time line and that, in time, Americans will see the light.

Art is the instrument through which Patricia’s ideas, life stories, and observations take form. She works with a wide range of two-dimensional media, including installation, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage and photography depending on the needs of the piece. Her approach to making art is process based, experimental, and playful. While working and creating iconography Patricia confronts how things should be made, what she believes in and why. She enjoys scribbling, scratching, and erasing as well as allowing delicately rendered lines and shapes as they come.

Patricia is currently the Zootown Art Centerís Adult Program Director & Printshop Manager, and maintains Thornton Studios with her husband Tim.

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