Porcelain with underglaze and birch branches
19x5x6 inches

We know light because of dark: the yin and the yang. The tree muse reflects on this paradox. She wonders if black and white can be separate entities when they cannot exist without the other. She is committed to growth.

Using my hands to create is who I am. I began exploring art initially with clay. Soon branches became baskets, the earth became gardens and paper filled with flower images. Nature has always been inspiration. I began to develop my skills through adult education classes in Missoula, basketry classes in Michigan and watercolor classes with Kendahl Jan Jubb. Beth Lo mentored me in exploring sculpture with clay at the University of Montana. Workshops at the Archie Bray Foundation and the Clay Studio of Missoula stimulated creativity. Through it all wherever I lived, gardens took form with bloom and food. I use my hands.

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