mixed media and collage

20×16 inches

Marlo was born and raised in Helena, Montana. She received her BA in Fine Art from the University of Montana in 2006, with a main focus on studio art, photography, and ceramics. During her time at the University, she participated in a one-year study abroad in Malta at the University of Malta, where she studied Art History and various studio arts like printmaking and etching. In 2009 she moved back to Missoula and started painting on large scale canvas, beginning experiments with stencil-integrated, street-informed paintings. At this same time, Crocifisso started working for Monte Dolack as his personal picture framer. Carrying her skills obtained after six years framing at The Dolack, Marlo has embarked on her own adventure by opening Art Haus Fine Art Framing. www.marlocrocifisso.com

Kiss the light depicts the outer dwellings of giant show room buildings throughout the United States in a chopped up and rearranged, intricately woven collage. Combined with an original hand cut stencil overlaying the top, this piece was created as a reflection on the enormity of consumption and the usage of high fashion as its vehicle.

Live auction item