photography – metallic print

11×14 inches

“Naked Limbs” appeared before my eyes as I made my way home from seeing a film at the Roxy one lazy Sunday afternoon. The juxtaposition of the enormous puddle of water on 5th Street after a torrential downpour and all that it mirrored drew me in. The reflections of the trees spoke to me more than the trees themselves. As the wind blew, the puddle rippled and the trees began to morph, dance, shift, and change in scale and form. Locals chattered in line waiting for their favorite Big Dipper treat across the street, while time stopped as I stood mesmerized, enraptured, and intrigued by the dichotomy of the small pond of rain water on the busy street and the images it reflected. Floating. Rootless. Groundless. Broken. This was the first time in over a year I felt compelled to pick up my camera, which had become another appendage of my body over 25 years ago. I had neither my tripod nor my professional camera with me, which limited my ability to play with shutter speeds; something I always do when photographing water, but I captured the reflections until I exhausted the angles and felt I had a “keeper.”

“Water fills a hole. The ways of others will fill the space we live in if we don’t fill that space with our own authentic presence. Keeping who I am to myself is not the same as being myself quietly. It is imperative to who we are to be fully here, fully present. It is how we keep the ways of others from sweeping us away.” ~ Mark Nepo

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