Mixed media

25.5×11 inches

Paul, a Montana native, historic preservation architect, son, father, grandfather, and past artist contributor to the Light Show, explores Montana’s architecture and traditional cultural properties on weekends and restores those places that matter most in our lives during the week.

In the spirit of reflection, President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt, his era’s most influential naval strategist, added 16 battleships to the U.S. Navy to create his Great White Fleet which then circumnavigated the globe in 1907 as a show of U.S. pride and power. For the last 238 years, “the Navy is something to be aware of. Something to be thankful for. Something to be proud of.” While 70% of the earth is covered in water, 80% of the planet’s population lives within close proximity to coastal areas and 90% of global commerce is conducted by sea. The U.S. Navy consists of some 431,712 personnel and 430 ships, 274 of which are deployable. “Sailors are always there for our country…” and Sailor is there for you.

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