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  • Memento


    "Everything I make here is a memento of spending time with this amazing group. I look at my work and I remember the challenges, the mistakes, and all of the laughs we had while we were creating." S.L., workshop participant
  • Make something new

    Make something new

    “I look forward to this time all week. Knowing I can come here and make something new is what keeps me going.” V., workshop participant
  • Troubles fade away

    Troubles fade away

    “When I’m here for these two hours I’m so focused on what we’re doing that I don’t think about anything else. All the other troubles fade away for a while.” B., workshop participant
  • Different perspective

    Different perspective

    “Living Art gave me a different perspective on my life, regarding my past, the present, my capabilities, weaknesses and talents. This perspective provides hope, understanding, and compassion for myself and others, which is a wish I wish for all.” P.B. workshop participant
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