Mixed media

14.75x8x5.25 inches

For years I have admired those who could gather tranquility while sitting still in silence while a monotonous chant whirled around their heads. But, no not I, who had attempted this technique many a time. However, I realized that I could change my consciousness following a beat of a drum or the call of the wild.

When I am on top of mountains, my time of self-reflection manifests. As I stride across the granite backbones where earth meets sky I discover my essence. Perhaps, it is the waft of pine, the whispers of wind, the sense of being grounded as Terra firma creeps between my toes that sends me into a trance.

My soul does not rise ethereal to dance amongst the clouds, but instead dives deep within me to discover the light that I alone can cast. During this active meditation a surge of calmness encases my synapses and my mind becomes still —- within the silence, my heart drums a thunderous beat of life and my unique inner understanding of wisdom unfolds.

This light is an attempt to encompass my mystical journey within. May the beacons of enlightenment and illumination guide your journey as well as you discover your core integrity.

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