13×19 inches

fused glass

I was inspired by the many layers of the reflection theme. Wintertime, as a season, is an opportunity to slow down and reflect inward, so this grove of trees suggests the quiet of that season and the opportunity to sit in the stillness. Also, this piece is reflecting the backside of the grove: how often are we distracted by the face of things, and yet what is most meaningful may be the less obvious reflection from the other side of life. The techniques for kiln-firing the glass require several firings to get the detail on the back side of the fused glass which then reflects the hidden details onto the mirror surface. And of course, this piece utilizes the obvious reference to reflection: it is a mirror.

Katie Patten began working with glass in 1978 while avoiding a commitment to go to graduate school and has since completed dozens of stained glass commissions in the Missoula area. She purchased her first kiln in 1981 and was joined by husband Leonard Tinnell in business in 1988. Since then they have created fused glass plates, bowls, jewelry, and sculpture which are sold all over the country. Apparently she is still avoiding graduate school.

Live auction item