Our workshop experience is a little different than your average art class. Living Art provides an opportunity to:
• Tap into your creative ability and discover your inner artist
• Take a break from whatever is burdening you and experience some “you” time
• Express thoughts and feelings you might not express anywhere else
• Learn new art processes with a contemplative component that help you make
meaningful connections while you create
• Enjoy social connections with others experiencing difficult life challenges

Our workshops are free of charge and all supplies are provided.
Classes are small.
No art experience is necessary.
We have both drop-in and sign-up workshops.
We are not art therapists, but our unique workshop experience
is carefully designed to be both fun and therapeutic.
Wonderful local artists will guide you through a unique art experience.
We provide a supportive, healing space to create and connect with others.
Workshops are open to anyone over 18, including people with chronic illness, care-takers, and those experiencing grief. This really includes all of us at some point in our lives!